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St. Giles Summer School Time Capsule 10.08.2016 PREVIEW




Dear future selves,

Now we’re writing from St Giles in Eastbourne where we’re learning English. Now we are 15 and 16 years old and we are wondering what we will have done in our lives in 30 years time. Maybe we’ll be in a foreign country and we hope we’ll be happy and married.

We’re having a beautiful summer and we have met lots of new people from different countries. In general in these years young people spend lots of time using mobile phones and social network. We both like listening to music especially 80’s music. We use to take bus and underground to go to school and to move in our own cities.  Now we are writing using a computer that in the future will be obsolete…maybe we will read this email with a technological tool not invented yet.

In this year in the world lots of important things happened:

-ISIS is still killing lots of people
-Great Britain is exiting Europe
-David Bowie and Umberto Eco have died
- Olympics have just started in Rio

We hope that in the future the world will be a better place, even if we can’t know how it will be.

That’s all from the past,

Greta and Francesca


Dear Rony and kyle

By the time you reach adulthood, you’ll be excited to read this!

We had written down this letter to keep our memory , I would like to tell you about my hopes.

1. I hope to be an entrepreneur and earn a lot of money
2.I hope that I will be at least 175        
3.keep a healthy body
4.keep modern ,don’t be behind the time. Don’t have too much pressure ,just try your best to realize your dream .I would be proud of you .Maybe in the future things might be very different , now that you are reading you may be poor , rich ,in trouble …whatever you do ,wherever you are I always respect your decisions .

Now , I  am in Eastbourne studying at St Giles and I’m doing very well .I’ve learnt a lot from Patrick’s lessons and they are very funny and interesting. I believe that the things I learn now is the most helpful thing for you. You will be proud of yourself! JJ

In a word , I hope you will be  successful and healthy ;wish your whole family happiness and good luck!

Yours sincerely

Rony and Kyle


Dear future reader,

We have to write a letter about future predictions. For example we think that we will have a new type of

refugees because of the climate change. Léa will already be dead because of her stitch from a very

aggressive wasp. And if she is not dead she will remind us that it hurts. We will be eating genetically

modified food, because the natural resources will be used up.

Francesco will be a famous and of course very rich pop singer and will be surrounded by women. Cars

will be replaced by other, more ecological vehicles. Elias is going to be a romantic poem writer (in

#French #Respect). Robots will replace human in professions. Anna wants to prevent the planet from a

fancy unicorn invasion, and we all hope she will succeed because nobody wants to be killed by a fancy

unicorn. The population is going to be fat, because we are too lazy to do any exercise.

Hope you will live long and peacefully

Francesco, Léa, Anna, Elias


Dear Future Reader,

Today is the August 8, 2016. We are studying at St. Giles

College in Eastbourne. 3 days ago, Rio Olympic games started.

We have decided to describe a typical day of an English learner.

In our class, the age is between 14-18. The lesson starts at 9

o’clock. The first break is from 10:40 to 11:05. The lunch time is

at 12:50. We eat some sandwiches, salad or pasta. Some of us

has afternoon class. It starts at 13:45 and finishes at 15:30. In

the afternoon we often go to town centre or to the beach with

our friends. We have dinner at 6 o’clock that for some of us is

too early because usually we eat at half past eight. Also the

shopping centre is closed at 5:30 pm.

In the evening, we go to the beach. We are having a lot of fun

here. We hope to learn more English.

Last weekend we went to London with our friends. It’s been a

great day except that our train has been cancelled and we had

to run very fast to take the right coach. But finally we got back

to Eastbourne.

I hope you will receive this e-mail.

Good Bye!

Ozge, Michela and Valeria

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